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Episode 199: Travel Updates (Also a Big PSA)

The whole gang went on their own separate trips to Walt Disney World last month! Crystal still being out, Ian and Laurel their trips, as well as a MAJOR PSA regarding Mears Connect.

Episode 198: Our Genie+ Experience

Laurel and Ian discuss their recent experience with Genie+ and Lightning Lane.

From the Archives 6: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2019

(Originally Aired 9/14/2019) Crystal and Ian discuss Crystal's trip to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party,

Episode 197: Living with the Land

Crystal, Ian, and Laurel are finally getting around to the *true* star of The Land pavilion: Living with the Land. Take a trip through the greenhouses with us as we discuss the history and facts of this unique attraction.

Episode 196: The Land Pavilion, a Distory

Laurel, Ian, and Crystal discuss the history, attractions, and dining of The Land pavilion in Epcot.

Episode 195: Dapper Days at Disney

Our very own Laurel is going to attend her first Dapper Days event at WDW, so the whole gang decided to discuss Dapper Days events at Disney, and a little about their history.

Episode 194: Story Living by Disney

Crystal, Laurel, and Ian scratch their heads as they try to grasp Disney's announcement of Story Living

Episode 193: Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

The resident Star Wars nerds, Ian and Laurel discuss their initial thoughts on Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser now that it is open. (No they have not experienced it themselves.)

Episode 192: Turning Red, Our Review

Laurel and Ian discuss and review Pixar's new film, Turning Red.

Episode 191: Disney's Most Underrated Film Soundtrack?

Ian, Laurel, and Crystal continue their Disney soundtrack discussion, this time talking about their picks for the best underrated soundtrack.

Episode 190: Our Favorite Soundtracks

Laurel, Crystal, and Ian talk about their favorite soundtracks from Disney animated films.

Episode 189: Crystal's Back from Disney!

Ian has questions for Crystal about her recent trip to WDW. Join us while Crystal recounts some new lodging and meal experiences!

Episode 188: Give Kids the World Village

Crystal is back from Florida! She and Ian discuss a recent experience she had at Give Kids the World Village, as well as some of its history.

Episode 187: Cultural Representation in Disney Media

Ian and Laurel discuss Disney's problematic past with cultural representation, as well as the steps they are taking to change that in recent years.

Episode 186: Disney Merch and Demand

Laurel and Ian discuss their thoughts on Disney merchandise in the parks and online and how it's changed recently.

Episode 185: An Honest DVC Sales Pitch

Ian has some questions about Disney Vacation Club, so he decided to ask someone who is a DVC member, Laurel!

Episode 184: The History of Journey into Imagination

What's the deal with this popcorn bucket? Laurel and Ian go through an overview of the history of Journey into Imagination and Figment himself.

Episode 183: Aulani, A Review

Laurel is back from her Hawaii trip! Ian and Crystal get all of the details.

Episode 182: Encanto Review

Laurel, Crystal, and Ian finally sat down to talk about Encanto.

Episode 181: What is an E Ticket? The History of Ticketing in Disney Parks

We've all heard the term "E" Ticket attraction before, but where did the origins of that term come from? Crystal and Ian do a deep dive into the history ticketing at Disney to learn more.

Episode 180: Top 5 Travel Tips (2021)

Ian and Crystal five of their favorite tips when visiting Disney parks.

Episode 179: Favorite Holiday Traditions at the Parks

Crystal, Laurel, and Ian go on a trip down memory lane as they relive some of their favorite holiday traditions on Disney park property.

Episode 178: Babes in Toyland (Out of the Vault)

While Ian was out for the week, Laurel and Crystal decided to watch 1961's Babes in Toyland. Let's hear what they think.

Episode 177: Planning Your Non-Parks Trip: Aulani

Laurel is planning her first trip to Aulani. Crystal and Ian have some questions about it.

Episode 176: D+ Review: Olaf Presents

Crystal, Laurel, and Ian review the recently released Olaf Presents on Disney+.

Episode 175: Disney's Genie+ Service

Ian, Laurel, and Crystal have thoughts about the new Genie and Genie+ service.

Episode 174: Crystal's Visit to Disneyland

Crystal is back from her recent trip to Disneyland! Laurel and Ian get the lowdown on what she got up to while she was there.

Episode 173: The Muppets Haunted Mansion

Laurel, Crystal, and Ian discuss the new Muppets Haunted Mansion on Disney+

Episode 172: Our Experience at WDW's 50th Anniversary

Ian, Crystal, and Laurel are back from their trips to Florida and they have some thoughts about their experience.

Episode 171: Disney's Trackless Ride System

Live from Walt Disney World! Crystal and Ian discuss the background and current attractions using Disney's Trackless ride system.

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