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Episode 144: Ward Kimball

Crystal and Ian take a look at the life of another one of the Nine Old Men. Once described by Walt Disney as a "genius" Ward Kimball defined the style and animation of many of the films that we've come to love today.

Episode 143: The Tower of Terror

Ian and Crystal do another deep dive on Disney Hollywood Studio's most iconic and long lived attractions, The Tower of Terror.

From the Archives 4: Floyd Norman

(Originally Aired February 23rd 2019) In honor of history month, Crystal and Ian dive back into the archives to our episode on Floyd Norman.

Episode 142: Extinct Attractions: The Studio Backlot Tour

Ian and Crystal nerd out on what was to be a direct response to their competitor's offerings, but became an ever changing, and ultimately defunct attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the Studio Backlot Tour.

Episode 141: Disney's Old Key West Resort

Crystal and Ian explore Walt Disney World's first Disney Vacation Club resort property.

Episode 140: Our Best Ride Music Countdown

IMPORTANT! Due to an error, the wrong audio was posted to this episode. To fix this, remove the downloaded episode from your device and redownload. Inspired by a TikTok, Ian and Crystal rank and review some of the favorite attraction music.

Episode 139: Discovering Hollywood Studios Toy Story land

After wondering around Hollywood Studios for some time, Crystal and Ian find themselves in last themed area in their tour: Toy Story Land.

Episode 138: Disney's Saratoga Springs

Ian and Crystal dive into Saratoga Springs, one of Disney's Vacation Club properties.

Bonus Episode: January 2021 WDW Updates

News is coming from Disney pretty fast right now, Crystal and Ian decide to break down some of it

Episode 137: Discovering Hollywood Studios Galaxy's Edge

Back to the parks! Ian and Crystal move on to the newest area in the entire Walt Disney World Property, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

From the Archives 3: The Jungle Cruise!

(Originally Aired August 11th, 2018) Ian and Crystal talk about one of the most iconic rides at the Disney parks: The Jungle Cruise.

Episode 136: Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas

Crystal and Ian continue their dive dive into lives of Disney's Nine Old Men, this time with Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas

Episode 135: Muppets Christmas Carol

It's that time of year! Ian and Crystal get into the holiday spirit by reviewing one of their all time favorite holiday films, The Muppets Christmas Carol

Episode 134: Holidays at the Parks

With the pandemic affecting many aspects of visiting Walt Disney World, Crystal and Ian explore the offerings for the holiday season at the parks this year.

Episode 133: Park Updates!

It's been a while since Ian and Crystal have discussed the operations of the park has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 132: Discovering Hollywood Studios Commissary & Grand Ave

Ian and Crystal take a look at more of Hollywood Studios, this time focusing on one of the newer areas.

Episode 131: The Animation Process

Crystal and Ian explore the animation process that made the Disney company famous.

From The Archives 2: War Disney

(Episode 15, originally aired June 15, 2018) Crystal and Ian discuss an often forgotten time is Disney's history. World War II.

From the Archives: The Haunted Mansion(s)

(Episode 3, originally aired on March 10th, 2018) Crystal and Ian discuss one of their favorite rides, The Haunted Mansion. Additionally, they discuss the different variations of the ride as it exists in Disney parks across the globe.

Episode 130: The Haunted Mansion (2003)

In the spirit of Halloween Crystal once again asks Ian to “Remember that movie” for the spooky film adaption of the Haunted Mansion. Watch the YouTube version here.

Episode 129: Discovering Hollywood Studios Animation Court & Echo Lake

Ian and Crystal continue their meandering exploration of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They are only slightly lost… Watch YouTube version here.

Episode 128: The 1941 Animators Strike

Crystal and Ian discuss a pivotal but rather dark time in Disney’s history. Watch the YouTube version here.

Episode 127: Discovering Hollywood Studios BLVDs

Ian and Crystal head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in their discovering series, first exploring the two boulevards that make up the front of the park.Discovering Hollywood Studios BLVDs Watch the YouTube version here.

Episode 126: Wonderful World of Color

Crystal and Ian dive into Walt Disney’s second dive into the world of television. This time, in color! Watch the YouTube version here

Episode 125: Discovering Animal Kingdom Pandora

Ian and Crystal wrap up their adventure in Animal Kingdom with Pandora, World of Avatar. Watch the YouTube version here.

Episode 124: Marc Davis

This week, Crystal and Ian take a look at the life and work of one of the Nine Old Men, Marc Davis. Watch the YouTube version here.

Episode 123: Discovering Animal Kingdom Africa

Ian and Crystal’s adventure takes them to Animal Kingdom’s Africa. Watch the YouTube version here.

Episode 122: EPCOT The Original Concept

Crystal and Ian take a look at the original concept behind EPCOT, and furthermore the entire concept of what would become Walt Disney World Watch the YouTube version here.

Episode 121: Discovering Animal Kingdom Asia

Ian and Crystal explore Animal Kingdom’s Asia area, and learn about the things you can do (and drink!) there. Watch the YouTube version here.

Episode 120: The Evolution of Hybrid Movies

Crystal and Ian nerd out over the history of hybrid films over the last 120 years. Watch YouTube version here.

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